New kaiju playmates–Japan’s uranium-sucking underwater sponges!

godizilla glows U238
Ahhh, just what Japan needs: More radioactive kaiju friends to romp with Godzilla.

Underwater sponges could soak up uranium for nuclear power stations in Japan 2009-06-29 MNN – Mother Nature Network…Government-funded scientists have drafted plans to place giant ‘uranium farms’ on the seabed to extract uranium from the ocean…
…Dr. Masao Tanada…believes that Japan could harvest all the uranium it needs from the Kuroshio Current, which flows along Japan’s eastern seaboard. He’s seeking funding to construct a uranium farm covering 400 square miles...more...

sponge bob radioactive

AND, if that’s not enough for you now…..

Japanese spacecraft finds uranium on moon
30th of June 2009, Softpedia
Uranium exists on the moon, according to new data from a Japanese spacecraft. Advertisement The findings are the first conclusive evidence for the presence of the radioactive element in lunar dirt, the researchers said. The revelation suggests that nuclear power plants could be built on the moon, or even that Earth’s satellite could serve as a mining source for uranium needed back home.…more

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