‘Bagelheads’ — a Japanese trend we just made up

Bagelheads“! Yikes, we manufactured a Japanese fad!

japanese bagelheads from fuckedgaijin

“Bagelheads” is just a name that was made up to joke about this body modification, but the mainstream press took the name as real, as you can see from the reports below.

Bagelheads the latest fad for Japanese teens: Mom hopes it stays in Japan
New Jersey On-Line — by Fiona Charles — Thursday July 02, 2009, 8:50 PM
Japanese teens are shooting silicone in their head to morph their faces. They call themselves bagelheads.
Have you seen the latest fad for teens in Japan? They are called bagelheads. Teens in Japan are injecting themselves with saline, which causes bumps in their heads.
The lumps and bumps created by the saline can be shaped and molded. The teens are calling themselves bagelheads. The disfigurement only last 24 hours. I have a hard time looking at these teens, and I just hope it stays in Japan and doesn’t make it’s way over to the States.

New ‘Bagel Head’ Fad Is Crazy!
RantRave – July 2
OK, Japan, we get it. You’re the king of weird.
A new “beauty” fad in Tokyo clubs has teens injecting themselves with bags of saline, disfiguring their heads! They call themselves “Bagel Heads” or “bagelheads.” ….more...

A quick Google search for the joke name “bagelheads” or “bagelhead” written in Japanese katakana results in zero hits:
bagelheads google search

“Bagelheads” is a great joke name for this 4-person “Japanese” trend, but both the Western mainstream press and the blogsphere is picking it up and reporting this fake tread as real, sheesh.

In addition, both of the reports express the facetious hope that this “Japanese” trend remains in Japan, even though it originated in the West, ha, ha.

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5 thoughts on “‘Bagelheads’ — a Japanese trend we just made up”

  1. This is extremely typical of western media to latch on to stories related to ‘Bizarre Japan’ which try to accentuate and reinforce western stereotypes no matter how inaccurate the information they are reporting may be. The notion that ‘Asians are weird and backwards’ is a common tenant amongst Westerners ( especially those who have never met an Asian. ) Stories like these only exasperate that notion.
    Take the ‘EROGE’ story for example. A small tiny segment of Japanese niche fringe society ( hated by most Japanese ) is supporting a tiny industry of ‘Erotic Video Games’ in Japan. But if you read the Western news reports regarding this topic, the reader is lead to believe that every man, woman, and child in Japan is actively buying, playing, and acting out these games. Ridiculous. I blame the english based Internet for this since most Japanese people can not defend themselves with these very skewed and erroneous reports regarding Japan.

  2. H you are building a Strawman…

    Strange yes, but ‘backward’ is never even implied.

    As for eroge. That sick pedophyle crap is available absolutely everywhere even in most general electronic shops. So I would really not call this trend a niche fringe or whatever. PC games are 90% eroge, on windows, it’s the regular gamers that seems to be a niche market. The ratio of available pedoporn games to usual games on the windows plateform is incredible you have to ask before finding Command and Conquer. While “super happy fun teenrape joy party” is nearly given for free with each purchase of a blank DVD pack.

  3. Gaspard de Coligny Says:
    “PC games are 90% eroge…”

    HA! You have proved my point exactly! Just because you publish a random number pulled out of thin air – it is then treated as factual matter.

    “The Internet Says So!”

    PLEASE. If this were true then Nintendo, Sony PS3, Sqaure Enix titles would all be EROGE. Comprehend and think before you speak. World of Warcraft, Second Life, DOOM combined only command 10% of the PC market !? Do you see how asinine and racially offensive your statements are?

    Of course, to consumers and sellers of EROGE – especially those who can reference by title, 90% of the market would probably seem normal.


    Finally, lets not forget where the glorification of RAPE in video games originates from. GRAND THEFT AUTO – published in the 90’s by Rockstar Videogames – a US video game company. It was shocking then, and it is shocking now but all of sudden it is branded as a Japanese thing. I am not defending or condoning it in any way, but what I am doing is pointing out to all discerning and educated readers is that you can not always believe what you read. Eroge is not mainstream – it does not command 90% of the PC Game Market. No matter how ‘professional’ a web source looks. As modern day citizens of the WORLD, we must learn to decipher and question all media sources and at least try to verify before taking a story for face value. THATS ALL.

    This is not building a STRAWMAN – but rather – trying to inform others to be more aware and conscious of all of the INACCURATE MIS-INFORMATION that exists on the WEB. Before passing judgement on a people and its culture – first ask yourself if its true.

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