Space plane to ‘island hop from Hawaii to Japan in 45 minutes’

space plane

Space companies eye HI as potential new frontier July 12th, 2009 Associated Press —This conceptual artist rendering provided by Rocketplane Global Inc…. shows the Rocketplane XP spacecraft…..Tourists coming to Hawaii for high-end getaways could someday be launched from the sand to the stars, taking island-hopping to new heights…. space travelers could island hop from Hawaii to Japan in 45 minutes more

Personally I would enjoy two hops—Japan to Hawaii and then Hawaii to Chicago in less than two hours rather than the 13 hours that I waste now on that damn trip.

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4 thoughts on “Space plane to ‘island hop from Hawaii to Japan in 45 minutes’”

  1. While other companies already have working protoypes they are still at the stage of a cute drawing of a chimera between the shuttle a learjet and the Concorde…

    As usual the business plan of japan inc (i/e, still technology wherever available) is held back by delays from the original makers…

  2. Actually, it is rather surprising that of all the spaceplane prototypes being promoted at the moment—Not one is in commercial operation. The ballistic route of a ramjet shuttle/Learjet/Concorde would not use that much more fuel than a regular flight.

  3. Hemmm… it’s the usual development curve…

    1 Having sh1t that works
    2 having sh1t that work twice
    3 having sh1t that can be operated by a trained monkey (military phase of the commercialisation)
    4 having sh1t that can be operated by a monkey for the cost of few bananas (aka mass commercialisation)

    I think we iz between 1 and 2. The japs don’t wake up before phase 3 most of the time (they call it ‘building under license’, see Mitsubishi F1 -French Sepecat Jaguar- and F2 -Amurikin F16-).

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