W0oT! I’m stimulated… not

snail stimulus
My Japanese economic stimulus finally arrived yesterday even though I applied in March for it here in Ota Ward, Tokyo. If the authorities really thought the stimulus of 12,000 yen (about $120 USD) was needed, should have been a bit more prompt, sheesh.

Also, the Japanese government is stingy—each American taxpayer received $300 to $600 dollars from the US economic stimulus but the Japanese economic stimulus package is only 12,000 yen per person, meh.
economic stimulus receipt japan ota-ku tokyo
The above photo is of my economic stimulus receipt that took the my ward’s snail-like bureaucrats four months to issue.

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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

2 thoughts on “W0oT! I’m stimulated… not”

  1. Una, pag-papatatag ay nasa ayos, maglakad ng 10,000 mga hak-bang sa bawat araw habang nakikinig sa audio-books, na ang paraan na hindi mo na kai-langang i-aksaya ng inyong panahon sa pag-babasa.

  2. Dearest Miss “Mailorderbride”,
    Whatever “stimulus” you are offering, you will need to send us a good kinky photo of yourself (that is, URL links to your photos) since nobody here can read your Tagalog message.

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