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Dakimakura Dating
Here’s an interesting New York Times interview with an Japanese otaku/geek who like many is in true love with his dakimakura (dah-kee MAH-koo-rah) “hug pillow.”

otaku love

Love in 2-D
The New York Times — July 26, 2009 by Lisa Katayama–
..I joined the couple for lunch at their favorite all-you-can-eat salad bar in the Tokyo suburb of Hachioji, he insisted on being called only by this new nickname, addressing his body-pillow girlfriend using the suffix “tan” to show how much he adored her. Nemutan is 10, maybe 12 years old and wears a little blue bikini and gold ribbons in her hair. Nisan knows she’s not real, but that hasn’t stopped him from loving her just the samemore...

pervy pillow pukes of Japan's dakimakura

UPDATE –July 27th
Many people on the Internet have done some fact checking of the above New York Times story by Lisa Katayama and found that statistics she reported that “more than a quarter of men and women between the ages of 30 and 34 are virgins” were bogus or mistranslated.
Refer to:
Nemutan’s revenge—Some fact checking-and reaction to the NYT story on anime fetishists.

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18 thoughts on “Japanese pillow lover”

  1. Additional info on Japanese 2-D true love….

    Japanese man launches campaign to marry manga girl
    30 Oct 2008 13:03:49 GMT Asia World News
    A Japanese man has enlisted hundreds of people in a campaign to allow marriages between humans and cartoon characters, saying he feels more at ease in the “two-dimensional world.” Comic books are immensely popular in Japan, with some fictional characters becoming celebrities or even sex symbols. Marriage is meanwhile on the decline as many young Japanese find it difficult to find life partners.
    Taichi Takashita launched an online petition aiming for one million signatures to present to the government to establish a law on marriages with cartoon characters. Within a week he has gathered more than 1,000 signatures through the Internet.
    “I am no longer interested in three dimensions. I would even like to become a resident of the two-dimensional world,” he wrote. “However, that seems impossible with present-day technology. Therefore, at the very least, would it be possible to legally authorize marriage with a two-dimensional character?”…more…

  2. I can relate to Mr. “Nisan”…
    I never fucked a pillow, but once I shagged a carpet.

  3. I found a telling counter-example from the UK…

    A third of men under 40 still live at Hotel Mum
    Daily Mail (UK) 7:57 AM on 24th July 2009
    Apron strings: One in three men aged between 20 and 40 is still living with their parents, according to a study

    They like to think of themselves as the brave, strong and independent sex. But men are actually more reluctant than women to leave the safety of mummy’s side.
    A study has found one in three men aged between 20 and 40 is still living with their parents. This compares with one in five women of the same age….more

  4. I found a telling counter-example from the UK…

    I don’t believe it means what you think it means..

  5. I don’t believe it means what you think it means.

    My bad—crappy word choice. Make that a “Western example.”

  6. when i read the title of this entry on my RSS page, i thought I’d find a new about the boobs pillow haha…clearly it’s not….instead, you’re showing us this marvelous pillow wonder haha

    How sad is this? i rather like hugging a real girl, specially during the current cold nights in this side of the planet…i need a girl to warm up my bed as well…a simple pillow with a anime girl won’t do the deal in my bed you know…

  7. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this pillow-biter post really forced me to do so. I found this creepy otaku post on google and then enjoyed a few of your other posts while spanking my monkey. I just added the search terms “spanking” and “monkey” so I can more sites like the 3yen to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to reading more about freaky Japanese otaku from you in the future.

  8. Most Japanese people DO end up dating and marrying each other so they aren’t really racist.

    Japanese women are the most beautiful and suitable for Japanese men so they rank them as the best match for themselves. They share the same culture, language and understand each other better because of these similarities.

  9. The Moral Use of the Pillow.
    tumMoral Use of the Pillow

  10. Bibi Lab improved upon the design of their twintail body pillows — the “Royal Twintail” version that promises to let users wallow in the lap of luxury.

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