Japan’s national bird is back!

crow in flight Japanese National Tree concrete utility pole
The national tree of Japan, the sacred Utility Pole is home to the true national bird* of Japan is the crow–BIG CROWS with attitudes like the Darth-Vader-on-a-bad-hair-day.

In Tokyo, Hitchcock Isn’t Around, but He Seems to Have Sent the Birds
Washington Post – Sunday, July 26, 2009
“Yes, they have returned,” admitted Naoki Satou, the chagrined point man for the city’s eight-year-old war on crows.
The conflict had gone Tokyo’s way until 2006, when the formidably beaked carrion-eaters launched a counterattack. The crow count has since risen about 30 percentmore...

Japanese carrion crows
Of course, Tokyo city government has not yet learned about these new inventions called “trash cans” and “dumpsters” that might solve the city’s problem crows breaking the curb-side plastic garbage bags full of gourmet crow cuisine

*Just in case you thought I was kidding about the carrion crow being Japan’s national bird, here’s the logo of the JFA, Japan Football Association with the national soccer team’s mascot the, three-legged, mutant crow of Japan’s first emperor, Jimmu (Wiki).
3Leg-crow3 leg crow yatagarasu

Also, check out the previous 3Yen reports on Japan’s plague of carrion crows.
Tokyo is ruled by birdbrains
Let’s ‘kakashi’ – scarecrow!

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12 thoughts on “Japan’s national bird is back!”

  1. Just thinking out loud…
    When first came to Tokyo in 1984, the old neighborhood had the blue plastic garbage cans and you can see in this Kodachrome below. I assume, Tokyo government banned the cans in 1986(?) in order to speed up garbage collection (save time/labor/money).
    The whole problem started when Tokyo government mandated using only plastic garbage bags that crows could tear open and have a party.
    Gullevek’s flickr photostream

  2. Europe had an even better solution for sped up trash collection (back in the middle ages…), NO trash bag at all, just dump everything in the street, and shit there too…

    Somebody tell blinky, i’m sure he will love the idea and call it his own…
    (Mom in law still got one of these blue trash can… hum actually no, I anexed it like a oil field in kuwait to contain the scooped cat litter.)

    But what is the point of trying to keep a city from looking like a medieval shithole when you can shave 5 minutes a day on trash collectors salaries.

    BTW, Judging from my observations of trash pick up in Paris -trash bin with wheels, special truck with integrated hydraulics pickup arms- and here -underpaid blokes flinging torn apart trash bags in the back of some truck.
    I’d say that the time saved is… of negative value… between flinging dozens of bags or 1 bin… the maths are quite easy…

  3. These are not crows. Japan’s version of DARPA have successfully created self-replicating, high-artificial intelligence, autonomous death bringers intent on softening up the puny human race before the final onslaught of death-wielding killer robots. I bet the training video is reminiscent of that scene in Omen II when the woman gets her eyes pecked out by one of the prototypes before stumbling blindly into the path of an oncoming one!

  4. The Japanese have known for decades that their cities were built without proper trash separation and collection points, but they ignore all obvious solutions such as requiring all new buildings to have dumpster spots.
    As with their determined refusal to bury utility lines safely underground in this earthquake prone country or install litter cans on city streets, the Japanese simply just love trashy and ugly environments.

  5. and somehow taro, they manage to keep cleaner streets than the US, because they fucking recycle you idiots, jesus christ. thats why they dont encourage a waste program in such a small and environmentally friendly country

  6. guy living in nagasaki
    and somehow taro, they manage to keep cleaner streets than the US,

    Sorry to hear you come from a slum, but Tokyo’s streets are not clean any standard.
    Certainly my streets in Denver are not trashed out like my condo here in so-called ritzy Denenchofu. Hell, even the streets by my family home on North Side of Chicago are cleaner than this concrete slum.

    because they fucking recycle you idiots

    That’s the problem—Japan doesn’t recycle right now (and has always pretended to recycle much more than reality). Used newsprint is in such low demand that Japanese cities are now burning 90% of it. PET bottle plastic isn’t being used for production, even aluminum can prices are 70% less than 3 years ago. Used PET bottles are being sold to 3rd World countries for almost nothing for stockpiling.

    The vilest form of Japanese “recycling” is adding liquid toxic waste to street paving asphalt—Double dumb is Japanese companies adding toxic waste to kerosene and then insane Japanese families burn it in UNVENTED heaters in their homes.

    Bottom Line: Japan is as environmentally friendly as a Zen garden were every blade of grass is ripped out and the ground is pounded bare.

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