3 thoughts on “30 seconds being a Japanese salaryman is more than enough”

  1. Wow….the animation is very well done, i’d like to make something like that just to impress my animator/designer colleagues…

    The idea is pretty good as well…illustrating the life of the japanese guys in just 30 secs…and as a final comment: thanks god i wasn’t born in Japan haha

  2. There’s the pangs of office, letting lose the whip and make us leave this mortal coil. That must give us pause since oppression is wrong and laws delay. Perhaps the pangs of outrageous misfortune and heartache and moment with a barelyBodkin? Who would bear those ills we have, than fly to be: s the pale cast of thought, and by opposing end of the insolent sloth.

  3. Ah yes, Mr. Terms-Boy, let me count the way I looove comment spam-Bots like you…and habitat of the endangered Princeland lungfish.

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