Japanese neck-warmer in August?

Solar-powered neck-warmer—Hmm, just what I want during the dog days of August.

Sanyo press release –August 5, 2009 (wacky machine translation)….Sanyo Electric announces portable solar power generation panel “eneloop portable solar” and dual-charging “eneloop neck warmer”...more...

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The temperature in my miserable “mansion” {aka mansion japan housing wikipedia } has gone over 100F (37.78C here in the tropical heat of Tokyo. Frankly, I cannot imagine anywhere in Japan that would need an electric neck warmer (a scarf would be lighter and more functional), but if you need one, now Sanyo has one.

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2 thoughts on “Japanese neck-warmer in August?”

  1. i think they’re realeasing it way too much before autumn/winter season…Sanyo is intttending to create a new fashion before everyone else? who knows…anyway, I think the same a you, a scarf is more adecuate than this neck warmer toaster..

  2. From your authoritative viewpoint, I am curious what kind of comment spam you like best?

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