Last-minute leather loins for Miss Japan’s kimono

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camel-toe miss japan 2009
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So, how do you like the last-minute, leather-looking loincloth
added to Miss Japan’s kimono to avoid
the pink-cameltoe-with-garters controversy?

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4 thoughts on “Last-minute leather loins for Miss Japan’s kimono”

  1. More about the about camel toe controversy.

    camel-toe miss japan 2009

    I found a interview of the French manager, Ines Ligron, the director for Miss Japan Universe.

    Miss Japan Universe Emiri Miyasaka’s Controversial National Costume
    23 July 2009
    When pictures of Miss Japan Universe 2009 Emiri Miyasaka in her national costume started to circulate in the internet, pageant fans all over the world have only one reaction – Emiri is like a porn star!….
    ….one person who is happy about the reactions coming from the fans. This is what she wanted and what she wanted was generated. I am talking about Ines Ligron, the director for Miss Japan Universe.
    In her blog, Ines said that the “national costume surely created a big PR buzz around the world.”
    She admitted that the reaction from fans was the “original concept of her team of designers and stylists”. She added that “the plan worked as planned”.
    That’s Ines who loves controversies. It is one of her ways to make her girl a subject of discussions. It is in this way where she can make her candidates so popular so that during the preliminaries of the Miss Universe, Japan will surely be noticed by the fans and the judges.
    “The conservative and fashion-dinosaurs are criticizing her costume, meanwhile the fashionistas love it.”...more

    Ines Ligron, the director for Miss Japan Universe

  2. Enjoying LeagueofLegends lately. WoW-like art with a hint of Japanese. Very basic, more RPG than RTS, but still damn fun.

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