Otaku arrested for burning down home over Gundam models

Master Gundam VS God Finger Gundam Our cracked 3Yen correspondent, Rob Pongi, just spotted this bit of typical Japanese otaku fun and just had to share the happy of Burning Finger Gundam….

Man Arrested for Burning Down Home over Gundam Models
animenewsnetwork.com 2009-08-10 Police in Kasai City near Kobe have arrested a 29-year-old factory worker named Yoshifumi Takabe on suspicion of burning down his own home on Sunday
the suspect had doused himself with kerosene, but had escaped the fire without injuries. His 55-year-old mother was also in the house but escaped without injuries. According to the police, the suspect said that his mother had gotten rid of his “valuable” Gundam plastic models, so he wanted to kill himself. [Japanese source: The Kobe Shimbun]

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