Road-kill Hello Kitty toys

Right now it’s O-Bon–Japanese Halloween, and it is a perfect time to play with toys like this Road-kill Hello Kitty and many others if you follow the semi-NSFW link below to‘s online collection of ero guro .

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Freaky Japan on 29-07-2009
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Road kill Hello Kitty toy 500×592

The “O-Bon” season, when ancestral spirits return for their annual visit—which is darn close to traditional Halloween when the dead revisited the mortal world. Except in Japanese O-Bon, there are lanterns to guide the spirits of the dead home rather than Jack-o-lanterns to scare them away.
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  1. Love to tease Her Royal Highness, Princess Fuzzbutt*, that back when the Internet was still de facto banned in Japan, my telex number was “FLATCAT”, muhahaha.

    *In the final stage of Reincarnation, advanced beings get to come back as my ridiculously worshiped cat.
    Here’s a photo of her Majesty wearing her once-a-year, special Christmas Eve collar with an heirloom czarist garnet pendant while seated on her throne chair that is covered in the finest fur throw of Tibetan lamb.


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