BIO-TERROR ALERT! Veggie KitKat is being released in Japan

On August 24th, Nestle Japan will released a vegetable juice Kit Kat called “KitKat Enhancement Vegetables (machine translation of the Japanese press release).

Veggie KitKat
horror kitkat

What seems to be a mismatch of crunchy chocolate and vegetable juice, isn’t so terrible to Japanese taste because vegetable juice in Japanese is always sickly sweet with sugar and apple juice added– yuck–Or worse, it has apple juice mixed with vile green kale juice.

Watch the sweet green horror of “Po pi po”—Miku Hatsune’s Vegetable Juice Dance.

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3 thoughts on “BIO-TERROR ALERT! Veggie KitKat is being released in Japan”

  1. all i can say is:

    the song is catchy :P

    Wow…I feel like in Japan they love kitkat…they have a lot of variety, more than i could find in Switzerland…

    The vegie juice…errrr….the idea of drinking vegie juice doesn’t sound appealing at all to me :S but then again, the song is catchy….i’m already having it stuck in my head…argh!! my (creative) neurons are hurting right now!!!!! :C

  2. As a name, “Kit Kat” sounds the same as Japanese phrase Kitto Katsu/きっと勝つ —‘Sure to Win’ and therefore its given to students readying themselves for exams.

    Check out these "Special Butter" chocolatory Kit Kats!

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