Japanese ladies loincloths gone…. meh

Previously, the 3Yen has uncovered beating off the Japanese heat with ladies loincloths and traditional Japanese butt festivals.

fundoshi anime manga Japanese girl
However, the fundoshi girl below is not exactly the sexy effect that she was looking for…
She looks like she has a half-full load developing in her adult diaper.

fundoshi diaper japanese full load dump girl


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4 thoughts on “Japanese ladies loincloths gone…. meh”

  1. Coligny wrote:
    Damn… that diaper need a changin’…

    I cannot imagine what they had in mind when they took that photo. Most bikini bottoms I saw on the beach of Edoshima today were more revealing.

    Enlarge to 800×536

  2. I suspect that all Japanese girls should be dressing in loincloths made of dingo skin, greater than we have been competent at turn out. Anytime we realize semi-nudity has the deserving, it’s precisely what is fascinating and sexy.

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