Cheesy Chocolate Chips from Japanese potatoes, of course

ROYCE white cheese boxes chocolate

White chocolate-covered cheese potato chips is the newest WTF product from ROYCE’. Their website describes it as “potato chip chocolate fromage buran” which is Japanese-franglais for a boxed abortion of cheesy chocolate deep-fried potato chip-like snack. The chips in the photo below tasted even worse than they look—They taste like the smell of over-ripe cheese that was deep-fried in sweaty tennis shoes that were chocolate-coated and then aged in a sack of last year’s potatoes.

Yes, yes, I know that chocolate-covered potato chips have been around for decades. However, these particular white chocolate cheesy chips are both painfully precious (at 800 yen or $8 USD for an 80g box) and especially nasty.

PS: Does anybody know why the company has misspelled their trademarked name with a spurious apostrophe at the end of ROYCE’?

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6 thoughts on “Cheesy Chocolate Chips from Japanese potatoes, of course”

  1. Re, ‘ after e in Royce’. Let me see if my understanding/research is right, based on

    ’s is added to form the possessive singular of nouns, as in Royce’s chocolates.
    Exceptions: Classical or biblical names, such as Moses, which take only an apostrophe: Moses’.

    Justice Scalia and the New York Times style manual says:

    [O]mit the s after the apostrophe when a word ends in two sibilant sounds (the ch, j, s, sh, ts or z sounds) separated only by a vowel sound: Kansas’ Governor; Texas’ population; Moses’ behalf.

    However, a more modern approach says either way (just “‘” or “’s” is fine.

  2. Jesus Christ!!!

    8 usd for a snack?!?! are they made of gold?? with 8 usd you can set up a decent party with good drinks and food here…

  3. Jesus Christ!!! 8 usd for a snack?!?!

    Yes, Jumping Bejebus on a pogo stick!
    It worked out to 40yen/38 cents per chip, which one of my charming 3Yen fans gave me.
    (Yes, even an old frog like me has Japanese groupies…It’s kind of cute, if not strange that whenever a guy mets with a Japanese girl, she gives them some small present).

  4. Oh, it can be worse than cheesy chocolate potato chips…nutcracker Doritos.

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