What Tokyo will look like with a 7m rise of the ocean

Here’s what Tokyo will look like in a modest estimate of a 7m rise of the ocean due to global warming.
Via Flood Maps (blog.firetree.net)
tokyo flood map

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2 thoughts on “What Tokyo will look like with a 7m rise of the ocean”

  1. First why is the map not centered on Tokyo?

    Azabu juban station floods everytime it rains. With +7 meters, can’t believe that area would be above water. Pumped it to +14 meters and then Azabu juban is submerged. Again think this flooding map is quite optimistic.

    And Yotsuya ichigaya. All those places ending in “ya” are valleys. Low lying areas. Flood plains just waiting to happen.

    Just don’t take down Shibuya please…

    Don’t worry Roppongi will survive as long as cockroaches walk the Earth. That’s the meal ticket Japanese police force is banking on.

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