Delta to suck up Japan Airlines


This is going to be a clash of corporate cultures…Delta is super-low cost carrier with a brusque, harried, but highly efficient staff and JAL is over-staffed with a polite but often ineffectually polite employees.

Delta considers ties to Japan Airlines
AP — 2009-09-12
Delta Air Lines Inc. is considering making a cash infusion of a couple hundred million dollars to aid struggling Japan Airlines Corp…..In exchange for the infusion, the person said the world's biggest airline operator could get a stake in Japan Airlines, an expanded presence in Japan and coveted access to the closest airport to the Tokyo business center….
key benefit for Japan Airlines, Asia's biggest airline group, to a deal with Delta would be money.
Hit by plummeting demand in a slumping global economy and swine flu fears, JAL incurred its biggest-ever quarterly net loss of 99 billion yen ($1 billion)…more…

Over the years I have heard many, many Japanese people say they rather die than use Delta (and Delta-owned Northwest) again. Many Japanese companies only buy tickets with JAL or ANA because perceived impolite service on other carriers. Delta sucking up Japan Airlines ought to result in a minor boom for ANA. Also Delta may find many of their passengers from America very angry having to use code-sharing JAL flights because JAL has Japanese-sized seats that are 20% smaller in width than the already cramped economy seats on Delta.

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  1. Dude, “sucks” –That’s all global gonorrhea good things, ain’t it?

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