sept-holidays silver bikini girlJapan’s new ‘Silver Week’ is another just another corporate excuse for a layoff and unpaid week since more than 40% of Japan’s workers are on part-time and subcontracts (and therefore all holidays are unpaid), meh.

First ‘Silver Week’ fall holidays a bonanza for hard-pressed tourism industry
Mainichi — September 12, 2009
Due to revisions to the Public Holiday Law, Japanese residents will for the first time enjoy a 5-day holiday break beginning Sep. 19 and dubbed “Sliver Week.”
The 2003 holiday revisions shifted Respect for the Aged Day from Sep. 15 to the third Monday of September, creating this year’s 5-day stretch, called “Silver Week” as a fall counterpart to the “Golden Week” holiday in May.more...

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4 thoughts on “What is SILVER WEEK?”

  1. Isn’t this against their religion….which is workaholicsism?

    oh noes! Japanese ppl will get lazier and big sinners at same time!

  2. All these damn holidays mean for the ever-growing numbers of poor office temps is yet another day without pay.
    Weekday temps basically have an effective 5-10% pay cut every month in the last half of the year due to all the fuckquing 3-day weekends. This new Silver Week makes it even worse, losing 3 of 21 work days means losing about 15% of your paycheck.

    How does this help the economy?…

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