Calling GODZILLA! Tasukete(HELP)!

Bear attacks tourists at bus station
Agence France-Presse –September 20, 2009—-A BEAR was shot dead overnight after it attacked nine people, including tourists, at a bus station in a mountainous area of central Japan…Four men were seriously injured in the attack in Takayama, Gifu prefecturemore…

Here’s a video of the bear in question lunching on one of the tourists while some of the people yell at it: “BAD BEAR!


I am sure that the rest-of-the-story was that the bear failed to buy any Omiyage/souvenirs in the Japanese gift shop were the bear was “trapped.”
Only then did the gift shop have poor bear killed, skinned to put on display, while they put up its gall bladder for sale on Yahoo Japan Auctions as a Japanese “enhancement” kampo/medicine.

Read more about the horrors of omiyage in The Japan Times story:
Omiyage ritual has been difficult

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5 thoughts on “BUS BEARS!”

  1. Let me make sure I understand this: there are at least a dozen bystanders watching a bear gnaw on another human being?? Do they realize that, even though it is a bear, that a dozen people could kick the shit out of *one* bear (there’s even plenty of sticks and rocks around so you don’t have to get within paw or maw range)?

  2. “…a dozen bystanders watching a bear gnaw on another …”

    Yep. Perhaps the WWII wiped out all Japanese with backbone, but nowadays folks here are passive fuckwads.

    Over the years I’ve seen groups of normal Japanese (passive aggressive smiling, subservient, neither loud nor rude) do that dozens of times.*

    *To be fair, refer to the
    Genovese syndrome” in NYC.

    The worse case of Japanese passive ‘n’ pavid behavior I have encountered was when I came upon a person having a “grad mal” epileptic seizure in the station next to a NURSING conference at the Yokohama Convention Center. I was the only person to offer help in a crowd of hundreds of nurses and medical educators. Sheesh.
    Oddly, when I started barking out orders** to the nurses walking past, they obeyed promptly, especially when I lied and said I was a“pathologist” (I’m only a lowly EMT and former coroners’ assistant).

    **Intentionally in English to break their
    zombie-like Japanese mindset


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