Japanese flying panties

For your enjoyment, Japanese flying panties, tastefully done of course.

Link thanks to Mulboyne.
flying japanese panties
The video
is the ED theme to Sora no Otoshimono episode 2, Misaki Meguri by Sohara Mitsuki’s seiyuu Mina. If you want to learn the “secret” of flying pantsu, start at episode 1 on Youtube (English subtitles).

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4 thoughts on “Japanese flying panties”

  1. oh well…

    yet another anime featuring school girls and boys *sigh*

    I don’t really like it…As long as there’s no mechas,a hero fighting badass enemies throwing powers (kinda dragon ball z), punches or kicks or any sort of martial art, or even a hottie figthing demons in bikini, i’m not interested :D

  2. Anyone Missing 3000 Pairs of Undies?
    Don’t beat about the bush. No time to crack some jokes, or turn the other cheek. The coverage on this exposure should not be completed by an ass. Surely, some poor persons could use the panties, so they don’t have to air their grievances. Don’t just sit on this. Maybe the old standby tune “Pennies from Heaven should be changed to “Panties from Heaven.”
    —via Joe at The Friggin Loon blog

  3. left_long quotebar 24x260px
    For Some Reason, You Can Now Buy Peaches Wearing Sexy Underwear
    elitedaily.com | July 31, 2014
    If I were to tell you that there’s an Asian country that sells peaches wearing women’s underwear, there’s a certain island nation that would probably be the first place to spring to mind. However, it would appear that the Japanese have just been one-upped by their neighbors

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