This ain’t your grandma’s dirndl or kimono

Somehow I don’t this Heidi would wear one of these Tyrolean dirndl, and I ain’t ever seen a kimono with any “cleavage.”

dirndl meets kimono tokyo
Oct. 23, 2009 –….entitled “Dirndl Meets Kimono”, included Austrian designer Susanne Bisovsky's modern and sexy reworking of typical Tyrolean costumes replete with lace, tulle and rhinestones….Four Japanese designers used traditional Austrian dirndl fabrics to create modern, inventive looks, while the Austrians used kimono fabrics to do the samemore

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6 thoughts on “This ain’t your grandma’s dirndl or kimono”

  1. Seen in Germany—Mo’ betta cultural appropriation…

    translated japanese by bing
    So people are really wearing kimono that instinctively calls out to me. I just had to take a pictures. A 20 year old girl with long hair dyed green.
    D.I.Y. Hey, great.

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