Shibuya’s Moai-Tiki god stolen by Lupin!

borat mustache photo competition in Japan with tiki god moia shibuya
It seems that the sacred Moai-Tiki head of Shibuya, which is worshiped by Borat (see right) as well as many Japanese, has been stolen by Lupin! Lupin
theft lupan tiki head shibuya tokyo
According to ever-charming Mari Blog, the criminal-mastermind, Lupin III, has stolen the 40-ton stone Shibuya’s Moai-Tiki god from Tokyo’s busiest pedestrian crossing area.

If you dare, you can visit the incredibility annoying, Flash-infested, official Lupin Steal Japan Project website for more details of Lupin’s theft.

This robbery must have been a backlash from the Invasion of the Faux Tiki Gods that I first reported on back in 2008.

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2 thoughts on “Shibuya’s Moai-Tiki god stolen by Lupin!”

  1. what the is lupin the III for real how the he got that thing out there and where is zenegata great news

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