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Japanese Christmas tree made of 50,000 sardines

According to the MainichiDailyNews, this “Super Sardine Illusion” is supposed to look like a Christmas tree. That is, a big blue blob Christmas tree made of fish, ri-i-i-ght.
sardine xmas tree
The MainichiDaily went on to say the “tree” is composed of 50,000 sardines in a feeding frenzy for fish food in Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama as part of their “Christmas Super Iwashi (sardines) Illusion” show going on until Christmas Day.

The Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium website says that this is the, “Christmas lust of fish underwater” and that the, “fish flock in a brilliance of performance.”

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3 Responses to “Japanese Christmas tree made of 50,000 sardines”

  1. someothergaijin Says:

    A Christmas tree made of sardines?
    Fucksanta, that has gotta stink by the end of the 12 Nights of Christmas!

  2. Says:

    As featured today on’s JAPANORAMA …

    Steve Levenstein writes of the ‘Fishmas Tree’…“For the bargain price of a mere finsky (4,900 yen for adults), approximately 50,000 fish perform like some bizarre bubbling Busby Berkeley floor show of the sea thrice (sometimes fource) daily until December 25th

  3. RonnieFishtree Says:

    What a coincidence! I just was searching for that.

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