The ‘I-Fairy’ robot — obviously from Japan

I-Fairy japan

According this funky machine translation Japanese news source, the DSO, the “I-Fairy” receptionist robot from Kokoro Company debuted the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on Jan. 7, 2010. The I-Fairy is meant to be a receptionist or a guide at museums as funded by Japan’s National Institute Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.
Why call it a “Fairy”?
The “I” in I-Fairy stands for “Intelligent”, “Information”, and “Icon”, and the robot’s futuristic design is based on the image of what they call a “lovely fairy.”
Read the I-Fairy’s pdf brochure in English giving more details and illustrations as shown below.

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  1. According to day’s ROBOTS ROUNDUP at…

    ….At CES this year, JETRO wants us to remind you about their JETRO Robotics Zone at CES featuring Japanese consumer robots now available in the US including the new I-Fairy receptionist (PDF format), Paro the therapeutic seal robot, and robot dinosaurs from Kokoro.
    …also sent links to an io9 article on the Mahru III robot, a story on hummingbot, a two million dollar Japanese flying robot the size of a hummingbirdmore

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