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Japan offers turnkey ‘grow-ops’ in a container!

Mitsubishi is marketing ‘grow-ops‘ in a container.

Mitsubishi Chemical Releases Container-type Vegetable Plant
Jan 13, 2010 Nikkei Electronics
Mitsubishi Chemical Corp developed the “container vegetable plant,” a 40-foot container equipped with facilities of a vegetable plant…
The container vegetable plant is a heat-insulating container featuring (1) air-conditioning facilities to keep the inside temperature constant, (2) water treatment facilities for water circulation, filtration and recycling, (3) fluorescent and LED lighting equipment for photosynthesis, etc. About 50 leaf vegetables such as lettuce can be harvested per daymore

Whoopie! You can grow “50 leaf vegetables” a day!
That piss-poor translation means that for only ¥60-70,000 (approximately $659-769,000 USD) you can grow 50 LEAVES IN A DAY!
Damn, that is going to one damn expensive taima grow-op.
grow-op-container mitsubishi taima


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One Response to “Japan offers turnkey ‘grow-ops’ in a container!”

  1. Yuumi Says:

    Damn Taro–you and those vegetables. As I told you before, if you want to borrow my butt-plugs, go ahead. This is the LAST time I’m getting a cucumber out of there for you.

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