Animal busing in Japan

Japanese Panda Express
The Japanese Panda Express
train as previously reported here on the 3Yen has some serious competition in the new PANDA BUS.

Panda bus in Akiba Tokyo

The free panda bus named ‘Ning Ning’ runs in the Asakusa Temple district in Tokyo connecting the Asakusa Hanayashiki amusement park to the water bus stop by the Azumabashi Bridge on the Sumida River (Google Map).

The Azumabashi Bridge and the water bus stop is most famous in Tokyo for being in front of Tokyo’s consummate architectural marvel, the Great Golden Turd Building (3Yen, 2007-05-19).
golden-turd bridge tokyo
Embiggen to 1244 x 933 px (Google Panoramio photo)

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