Japanese schoolgirls vs crows

The 3Yen’s astute observer of Japanese life, Rob Pongi, sent us this Japanese schoolgirl scarecrow (not that knowing that the photo was taken at the farm next to my Rice Ranch in Shikoku).
japanese schoolgirl scarecrow
Via pictureisunrelated.com.

I have posted different photos of these practice mannequin heads before on the 3Yen in 2007: Let’s ‘kakashi’ – scarecrow! My neighbor lady teaches at a hairdressing college and all students are required to buy one practice head with hair to practice cutting for the first couple of times. These heads have real Chinese hair or expensive synthetic hair and she says the students are too embarrassed* to take them home.
Mannequin heads as a japanese scarecrowsmore

*Being “embarrassed” is only part of the students’ worries. In Japanese Shinto (Wiki), all things are imbued with a spirit/kami and these heads could become vindictive about their bad haircuts. My neighbor says these recycled heads make great scarecrows because they are angry, which freaks out the crows. I think there could be worse…

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  2. Countdown to Halloween in Tokyo…
    Barcode ojisan—urban scarecrow haunts the main geek-street of Akihabara!


  3. In case you were wondering what the hell a “barcode ojisan” (barcode-ojisan) is—It’s a delightfully descriptive Japanese word for an ojisan—middle-aged man sporting an aggressive comb-over that looks like a barcode.
    barcode ojisan japanese comb-over combover

  4. Nagoro Village is home to more life-sized dolls than humans…

    Creepy or cool? Village of life-sized dolls in Nagoro, Japan
    News.com.au / 2013-06-21
    HIDDEN in a remote area of Japan is a village where the number of life-sized dolls outweigh the human population.
    The mysterious Nagoro village in the Iya Valley is little-known and untouched. It’s situated on Shikoku Island, the smallest of Japan’s four main islands.
    Nagoro is home to just 51 people, and over 150 dolls that resemble former residents. Each doll represents a person who has moved away or died.
    The dolls are created by local woman Mizuki Ayona using straw, rags and old clothes, and are lined up around the town. One doll is placed in the abandoned school, after its last student diedmore


    dolls nagoro village shikoku scarecrow
    Nagoro Village has more life-sized dolls than humans.

  5. Biography of an Inflatable Tube Guy
    — history of air puppets, from their invention and 1990s golden era to the laws that banned them in urban locales to their rebirth as scarecrows—
    medium.com — re:form | Oct 20, 2014
    No longer novel, banned across America, and made on the cheap, the outlook for the tube guy might seem grim. But there is still a future for the bravely dancing tube dude, even if it’s no longer meant for human eyes: The tube guy, it turns out, makes a great scarecrow.

    Dealers and manufacturers say that landfills, farms, and warehouses have been buying up tube guys for years to keep birds away, but one company in particular, Look Our Way, has formalized the tube guy’s transition within the workforce. The company has recently started selling Air Rangers — the same tube guy as always, except with shiny mylar “hair” and “fingers,” and a mean-looking scowl instead of the normal dumb grin.



  6. Wouldn’t you know that China would do this whole scarecrow idea one better…


    Blowup sex doll eases into retirement as a scarecrow
    Metro.co.uk | 2016-Feb-18

    …The naked (and rather stained) blow-up doll is thought to have belonged to a worker at a construction site near the field in Chengdu, capital of China’s south-western Sichuan Province.



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