Japan vs the 10 Ugly Rivers of the World


The Ten Ugly Rivers of the World by zuzutop.com seems to be unaware of Japan’s OFFICIAL governmental directive called “The Fundamental River Management Policy.”
The photos above and below of The Ten Ugly Rivers of the World look scary but ….

ganges riverGanages

…Only two of the rivers of The Ten Ugly Rivers of the World are attributed to G-8 countries, and none of the rivers mentioned are in Japan, which can easily beat the 3rd World’s rivers like the Ganges for toxicity and ugliness.

This governmental policy has mandated destroying all of the Japan’s rivers and shorelines with concrete (as well as Japan Inc’s unofficial carte blache to fill their concrete river troughs with dioxin, endocrine disruptors, heavy metals, etc).
meguro-gawa tokyo poisoned riverMeguro-gawa
Shibuya-gawa tokyo concrete hellTokyo
enoshima-part-2-beast Endoshima

Dogs and Demons: Tales from the Dark Side of Japan by Alex Kerr, 2001:
“CONCRETE public works in the next five years will exceed that in the United States by 300 to 400 percent, despite there being only a twentieth as much land area to be manipulated. The Japanese lay 30 times as much concrete per square foot as does the United States”
NewScientist.com: Land of the rising concrete – The concrete pourers of Japan are going berserk
Concrete tetrapods japanfocus.org by Stephen Hesse

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4 thoughts on “Japan vs the 10 Ugly Rivers of the World”

  1. In case you were wondering why I included beach photos in this post about rivers, it is because both those Shonan beaches are close to river mouths making their sands filthy and toxic to the touch. Endoshima and Hiratuka beaches have sand contaminated with industrial river effluent–cadmium and lead–that would qualify them as Superfund toxic waste dumps.

  2. A nasty view of the Meguro river today—it smells really foul from accumulated sulfides and H2S. This happens after heavy rain. The issue has been talked about for forever but nothing is done about solving it.

    shit milk river

    In the oxygen-depleted environment of the Meguro river, sulfate−reducing bacteria start generating hydrogen sulfide, which is toxic and smells like rotten eggs. High water temperature in the summer also facilitates this cycle.

  3. qjphotos.wordpress.com
    This is the Meguro Emperor, Japan’s all-time most famous love hotel. When it opened in 1973, it was the Cadillac of love hotels. Designed by the famous architect Yasuhisa Kurosaka, it was a monument to 1970s kitsch, and its fairy tale castle exterior became something of a tourist attraction. The hotel’s 30 rooms featured a gondola, playground slides, and all manner of vibrating, rotating, and gyrating beds.


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