She’s all Pockyed up on Valentines

keiko and company getting Pokyed
According to the 3Yen’s corespondent-at-large, ‘Den4′, the SANKEI News (Feb. 4th) reports that actress Keiko Kitagawa, right, and model Tsubasa Masuwaka, received Valentine Queen Awards 2010 in Tokyo. The event was sponsored by the confectionery company Glico, the maker of the Japanese chocolate stick with the kinkiest name, POCKY™.
Kitagawa won the Grand Prix award bemoaning the fact that she always gave more chocolates than she received at Valentine’s when she was in high school (which is normal in Japan on Valentine’s Day where Japanese women give chocolate to men [Wiki]).

Actually, Japan’s oddball Valentine’s Day tradition of women giving chocolate to men is “melting away” as more women show a preference for pampering each other instead of their boyfriends and spouses, according to Kyodo News ( Feb. 4, 2010): “The practice of giving tomo choco (friendship chocolate) has been highlighted as a new trend in a recent survey that found 74 percent of women plan to give a Valentine’s gift to a female friend but only 32 percent intended to buy something for a boyfriend.”

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