Is The Daily Gomiuri going the way of the ‘gomi’?

Rumors are building: Is The “Gomiuri” newspaper going the way of the gomi/trash!?


Newspapers Facing A Crunch - fuckedgaijin


Days numbered at the Daily Yomiuri
Holy crap, who would have thought the real world (you know the one of falling newspaper circulations and no ad revenue) would have entered the Pravda of Japan, the Daily Yomiuri. Well, the hard times have unofficially hit. Here’s what Our Man knows:
1. The boss has been told to trim staff by 25%
2. The paper will be going to one edition in April from the current four

For more than a decade Tokyo had four English-language daily newspapers, The Japan Times, The Daily Yomiuri, The Mainichi Daily News, and The Asahi Shimbun. The Mainichi Daily News stopped printing almost 8(?) years ago and now has a minor daily news site. The Asahi Shimbun in English for the past five years just reposts content from the International Herald Tribune and doesn’t put much effort into translating Japanese news. If the The Daily Yomiuri closes, only The Japan Times will be left, which is shame because the Japan Times has increasingly become lighter in content.
BOTTOM LINE: Japanese news in English will slow to a trickle and Japan will fade from the world’s consciousness.

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