Mini Giant Cone ™

I was shopping yesterday I noticed that the store had “Mini-Giant” icecream cones on sale for 60 yen (about 66 cents US), which is quite a bit cheaper than the Giant Cone selling for 100 yen.
Then looking at the label, I chuckled to myself wondering out loud:
If a Giant Cone is giant, then a Mini Giant Cone ought to be regular size

mini-giant coneNOT.

Here’s a “mini giant close-up” of the kind of the kimoi/creepy Mini Giant character made of text who is not as entertaining as ….
mini-giant closeup
….the past spokesman for Giant Cone, the late great GIANT BABA, a 3-time NWA Champion and co-founder of All Japan Pro Wrestling.
giant baba icecream cone Giant Baba Cone

Learn more at the official website: (crazy machine translation).

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