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iFeel_IM Affective Haptics in Emotional Communication

Slashdot is reporting that a “Virtual Hugging Vest” has been created at Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan. Called the “iFeel_IM” it can simulate the feel of a hug or shrug using the tight vest and electronic sensors and vibrotactile actuators. The iFeel_IM’s website describes that the vest can provide hikomori/socially-isolated geek with: “The quickened thump of an angry heart beat, a spine-tingling chill of fear, or that warm-all-over sensation sparked by true love — all can be felt even as your eyes stay glued to a computer screen.”

Read more details at:
AFPAugmented reality puts the squeeze into virtual hugs
physorg.comReach out and touch someone through the Internet

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  1. Do not block light from the solar-powered sex device. The solar-powered sex device requires 5 to 7 hours of direct or indirect light per day. The solar-powered sex device operates best at temperatures between 15C and 29C.

  2. I thonkI will go on with my promotionnal T-shirts idea:

    “Toyohashi… at least it’s safer than Saitama”

    With a fine print “except for the weather”

    What do you expect from a city who’s emblem is a Moderately pissed off Satanic giant midget robot…


    And the kamon is the Black Widow spider sandclock…

    dorky black widow logo

  3. That moderately pissed off Satanic giant midget robot logo is better than the old Tokyo logo was a puckered anus.
    old Tokyo logo was a puckered anus

    Of course, that’s nothing compared to Yokohama’s flopping phallus logo as I reported about in the 3yen post:

    Penis vs Anus (Yokohama’s logo vs Tokyo’s)

    The logo of Yokohama’s Kanagawa prefecture is a penis.
    Penis logo of Yokohama's Kanagawa prefecture

    Tokyo’s logo is a good gay companion to Yokohama’s logo: The old Tokyo logo was a puckered anus. After years of complaints from city workers who had puckered anus logos on their business cards and uniforms, Tokyo –which is a city and a prefecture– changed its logo in 1990 to a leaf of the Tokyo’s official tree, the gingko as well as a stylized “T” of Tokyo .
    Logo of Tokyo leaf of official tree, the gingko( 東京 ロゴ)
    However, you can see the old puckered anus logo on the covers of most sewer manholes and flying proudly as the formal city flag in the front of the stately Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

    Speaking of sad-looking Japanese logos, check out this limp dick logo of Town Art Co., LTD. Tokyo.
    limp dick logo

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