A Sky Tree grows in Tokyo


The Tokyo “Sky Tree” (L) is a new TV tower being built in eastern Tokyo near Asakusa. The tower reached a height of 338m last month and surpassed the height of Tokyo Tower, 333m making it Japan’s tallest free-standing structure* and it planned final height will be 634m making the world’s second tallest free-standing broadcast tower.

The skyscrapercity.com webpage included the above photo of the current stage of construction of the SkyTree, which includes everything you need to know about Japanese architecture:

  • Concrete river obscured by an elevated toll-road
  • Golden Turd Building (It’s French!)
  • We’re Number Two! w0oT!

    Elsewhere on the Net, 3Yen contributor, “Catoneinutica” quipped about the whole tacky Stalinist Sky Tree situation:
    …Japan: we can build really tall radio towers just like the East Germans.“.

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    1. Screams from the locals about Tokyo Sky Tree
      Pissing–fights–congestion–illegal parking …
      Nikkan Gendai – 2011/1/7 10:00
      (funky Google Translate of the Japanese
       Tokyo Sky Tree construction proceeds for the opening of the spring (539 m at present). There is also such that there is around the Senso-ji Temple, in the first three days the New Year, spectators crowded around three million people. This explosive popularity, Sumida-ku Adumabashi shopping for your knee could not stop laughing.
      “Our sales have more than 10 million daily. Usual weekend times” (souvenir shop photo)
      “When 11 states fully occupied since opening. Arrivals last year compared with five in the premium, no breathless” (pork cutlet restaurant)
       While some people boil the boom, but local residents are struggling with bad behavior of spectators.
      “Discarded one after another in front of the house, such as empty cans and garbage bags. Perhaps because there is no toilet around, some men piss on toward the wall of my house. During the day in shifts to guard” ( 47 year-old male)
      “Even if you think shopping with her grandchildren, not out of the city is badly congested. Is still more at home” (66 year-old male)
      “Early this morning, [Waa] When the sun would wake up in a great cheer. Many young people do come by car with big noise late at night. I sleep very slowly” (44 year old housewife)
       In fact, the sidewalk filled with spectators, and a fight started between the drunken, high up on the floor of the apartment without permission, some older men to take pictures. Proudly pulled over the highway, many families take souvenir pictures against the sky tree. To call attention to patrolling police cars, but once it’s gone, now restored. Itachi is playing.
      “Not only television, but recently the CM broadcast is still sky trees. Sorakara chan] and also appeared in a cute mascot. When I think of this popularity will continue until next spring, is really a headache. I We are just a just want peace … “(a couple in their 60s)
       According to the realtor, the sudden popularity of the tree, sky, Sumida-ku Koto, a land value of around ~ 20% of that raised. In the future, the residents, “property tax increase,” comes the burden of looms. Business people are not doing it any unwelcome New Year.

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