Uniqlo is a Mickey Mouse brand

UNIQLO characters mikey mouse star wars

Uniqlo aka J. Front Retailing, Japan’s second-largest retailer of the cheapest clothing on the market is now desperately trying to project an upmarket image to Japanese consumers. Although in the Western markets, Uniqlo (and muji)* claim a upscale mass-market image, in Japan Uniqlo is known as the best place to find a full range of the most inexpensive clothes available.

Therefore, Uniqlo’s is now trying licensing of brands such as the Mickey Mouse and Star Wars brands with boosted prices as well as attempting to kickstart their own premium “UJ” and “UT” brands. Uniqlo is retailer who Japanese still think of as a place selling 500 yen—five buck t-shirts and never having a t-shirt for more than 1,000 yen ($10.75 USD).

Now as you can see below, they are selling manga branded t-shirts for 14.90 Euros or 1,883 yen ($20.20 USD).

See more examples of Uniqlo’s character brand t-shirts at online magazine of Madmoizelle (France).

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3 thoughts on “Uniqlo is a Mickey Mouse brand”

  1. *Note: I am sorry to lump together the muji and Uniqlo brands, which is what happening in Western markets. It’s much more reasonable for muji to claim their a quality upscale mass-market image—Their products are MUCH better made and use better materials than Western upscale mass-market goods or Uniqlo. Uniqlo is sort of defrauding Western consumers by promoting their products as “high quality” when they are just good-enough quality and should NOT be sold at DOUBLE the Japanese price in Western markets.

    Then again, muji sells its products in Western markets at FOUR TIMES the Japanese price. Arrrg.

    No wonder, “Japan’s clothing and apparel-related exports came to a mere $416 million, dwarfed by the $3.68 billion exported by American apparel companies, and a tiny fraction of China’s $113 billion….” —nytimes.com 2010/Jan/02.

  2. Ha, ha, like Taro or I could even attempt to wear clothing from muji and Uniqlo: They only sell mens midget clothes. Japan’s men’s XL is a Western size Small.

    Of course muji sells its products in Western markets “at four times the Japanese price.” Their Western clothes are specially made, low volume items (without the benefit of quantity discounts of the clothes they import to the Japan market).

  3. Late to bed and late to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise.

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