Dekotora return (sort of)

Over the weekend, my buddy Masa-sensei of the sadly always farked-up took these fab photos of Japanese art trucks or as they’re called Dekotoradekotora truck wikipedia japan meaning ‘decoration truck.’
As I have written here before in, What ever happened to Japanese ‘Dekotora’—decoration trucks? ( 2007), Dekotora are a dying art form and I seldom see them on the roads anymore.
Dekotora are disappearing for the same reasons I mentioned in the previous post about how Bosozoku gangs are dying out in Japan. WIth negative population growth there are fewer younger people to enjoy such whimsical vehicles. And with the deep decline of the Japanese economy, there are far fewer well-paying blue-collar jobs meaning there is much less money available to waste on extravagant vehicles.

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7 thoughts on “Dekotora return (sort of)”

  1. Well, if the DekoTora no longer is fashionable, then perhaps, as it is the year of the Tora (Tiger), they’ve decided to go for the ToraDeko….Decorating the Tiger….must be plenty of cosplayers dressed in Tiger outfits out there this year :P

  2. Shinjuku’s celebrated “Tiger Mask” who has been delivering newspapers dressed like this since at least 1984 when I first met him. He works the red light district of Shinjuku and every day as he continues his Sisyphean task distributing the morning-evening paper.



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