Japanese ‘talento’

rinka nude book dvd Our 3Yen correspondent, “Denfour” has finally flipped out upon seeing this press event by model and “talent” Rinka for her “RINKA SLEEP STAR” book/DVD set (Takarajimasha, 1,995 yen; shown right).
With the wisdom that comes with age, I advised Denfour-san to mellow out and smoke a few more hits of that good shit from the Hello Kitty litterbox. Foaming at the mouth, he replied…

---< Denfour's rant on>---
Not since the Kano Sisters have I seen a Haafu (Half-breed) gaijin-faced tarento talento tarento in japanese defined on wikipedia/celebrity wannabe continuously make stupid remarks
and have the Japanese media fanboys and girls go gaga over the mentally challenged RETARD on J-TV….and now she threatens
the world with a photo book and dvd set? Is there no limit to this madness? beast_ani150
No wonder Daddy Cthulhu(L) rises from the depths as the
Stars are aligned right in the sky for the mass brain damaging effects of these tarentos…..
The commentaries on the link below are also scary…..they consider Rinka Cute? If she’s cute, then Oh Hell Kitty is sexy…..
sad to see the influx of more brain damaged souls arising in Japan…..and the sun will sink as a result….
---< Denfour's rant off>---

Rinka with and without makeup
Embiggen to 666 px.


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