Death metal sushi

toxic sushi
As the 3Yen has reported before about how 10 percent of the tuna sushi tested has mercury level well above the FDA’s poisonuous “actionable level.” Our correspondent-at-large, Den4 spotted this report showing that grocery Tuna is safer than restaurant tuna…

Mercury in Tuna Sushi Higher at Restaurants than Groceries — 21 April 2010
Tuna sushi from your local supermarket might have lower mercury levels and so be safer to eat than sushi from a high-end restaurant, a new study using fish DNA suggests… said study researcher Joanna Burger, a professor at Rutgers University…
….Burger recommends the following:
–You could lower your exposure to mercury by eating light tuna rather than white tuna, or albacore. In general, mercury levels in albacore are three times higher than those found in light tuna.
–Women who are considering becoming pregnant should avoid fish with mercury levels greater than 0.5 ppm. This would mean not eating tuna sushi, since you can’t consistently count on getting tuna that is on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of its mercury level.
–Adults who are not pregnant and are not of childbearing age shouldn’t eat more than seven or eight pieces of tuna sushi per month.

Also on the 3Yen:
How about some nice grilled whale with mercury sauce?

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11 thoughts on “Death metal sushi”

  1. GOOD!

    Japanese who rape the seas to eat tuna sushi will be poisoned and those who live will be retarded and unable to have children. Then overfishing will stop and the balance of Nature will be restored.

  2. I dunno….I’ve seen a great many devolving people in the States, as well as other nations, and they still keep having kids….especially the retarded ones….

  3. God I love Japan. I can’t wait to live there and be surrounded by Japanese people everyday. They are so pure.

  4. wrote:
    God I love Japan…They are so pure.

    YES! Just listen to this pure Death Metal version of “Hey Jude” by voice actress Aki Toyosaki.

  5. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! My ears! My ears! Once heard the above video can never be unheard. O.O

    (I think that John and Paul want their song back.)

  6. Then again, why should I be worried about mercury in Japanese food chain. Back in the day, my “toy” chemistry kit had a vial of mercury and official instructions to make “silver” pennies by rubbing the mercury onto the coins with my finger tips.

  7. In the following report of the World Health Organization, seafood is the most significant source of arsenic in food…Arsenic.PDF
    W.H.O. — Chapter 6.1 Arsenic | Pg. 4
    The amount of arsenic ingested daily by humans via food is greatly influenced by the amount of
    seafood in the diet. The intake in Japan, where the diet has a large seafood component, is higher
    than that in Europe and the United States (Table 1). The diet in Japan was found to contain 5.7–
    17% inorganic arsenic, 1.1–3.6% monomethylarsonate (MMA), 6.6–27% dimethylarsinate (DMA)
    and 47.9–75.2% arsenobetainemore

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