Pepsi Baobab(tm)


I noticed that in a listing of Japanese press releases ( , that Pepsi Japan has announced they going to release Baobab tree favored Pepsi.

The problem is, what favor is a Baobab tree?

Ah, but flavor is never a concern for Pepsi Japan who in the past have sold Cucumber Cola ( 2007 June), fresh “Basil Pepsi,” and the dread red bean favored “Azuki Pepsi.” Pepsi Baobab’s release is scheduled for May 25 at a price 140 yen (about $1.30 USD) for a 500ml bottle and I be waiting to grab one off the shelves to report to you on what a Japanese Baobab tree drink tastes like.

Learn more from the Pespi Baobab(tm) press release at Pepsi Japan (machine translation).
Note: The baka images of Baobob Cola and Little Prince Pepsi fall within the providence of Fair use–Parody in their use for a possible baobab bottle and a Little Prince ad campaign.

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