Japanese ‘No! No! for Men’

no! no! forMEN strips hair out by root“No! No! ForMen” is a fun laser device sold in Japan for …
…burning out your belly hair right down to its roots.

According to the official website (machine translation) of this laser epilator, for a price of 36,000 yen or about $380 USD you can experience the delight of hair removal that feels like the “equivalent to childbirth” according to several Japanese bloggers.

no no for MEN device

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5 thoughts on “Japanese ‘No! No! for Men’”

  1. I just want to get my ass crack and balls done. Doing at home would be funny to pick some chick and talk her into spread my asshole and lasering it, ha ha.

  2. Way back I used silk’n to remove my unwanted hair but it was so uncomfortable that I wanted to find something else. I gave electrolysis a try and it worked ok but was really inconvenient. So I tried no no and was extremely satisfied. I actually tried the SilknSensepil and was really happy with the results. It offered me fast hair removal at an awesome cost. I highly recommend it to someone before using “stringing.”

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