Ass rabbit, SNOB hair, and the Giraffe horror

One of the prime amusements in my Tokyo life is the wacky signage I wander across. Yesterday, I hit the grand trifecta of engrish strangeness. First up, was the asrabbit.comAss Rabbit store.

Before I had a chance to put my camera away, just around the corner from Ass Rabbit was the SNOB hair salon.
snob hair salon

Much latter in the day, in shitamachi–the true Tokyo, I looked up at this marvel of Japanese urban nonplanning, the wiring bondage Giraffe horror.

horror wires signs tokyo japan
Embiggen to 500 x 671.

start_rant tag_ -HTML 5 Tokyo is covered with such wiring horrors even though they spend more than GNP of all of Africa on public works. For example. it’s impossible to find a pothole in Tokyo because they repave the streets every year but somehow the Japanese say they cannot “afford” to bury overhead wires even though the wires and utility poles will cause instant death to people on the streets during a major eathquake, which Tokyo has every 80 years or so.
More photos and commentary about this Japanese love-of-nature problem in the previous 3Yen posts:

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crow in flight Japanese National Tree concrete utility pole

end rant tag_ -HTML 5*

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