Anpanman sushi machine

Although I cannot say I am found of eating dayglow-colored food, I am sure this Bandai toy would be a fun way to introduce sushi to kids at home.
sushi maker machine

Anpanman bento machine lets you really play with your food
Bandai’s new Anpanman sushi maker toy lets you crank out edible nori maki faces of characters from the famous Japanese kids’ anime series. The process is reminiscent of one of those Play-Doh machines you used to play with when you were a kid, extruding rolls of colorful food through templates of facesmore
Anpanman sushi

Actually, Japan has a bajillion bento devices to fill your lunchbox with cute faces that you can use to make “bent” bento and onigiri art such as this
Niko Niko Punch…
niko niko punch jlist..
Deco Onigiri and Chirashi for Beginners ~ Hajimeteno Kazari Makizushi..
Also there’s Deco Onigiri and Chirashi for Beginners by Hajimeteno Kazari Makizushi that shows you how to make “deco” (decoration) onigiri in cute shapes, using ingredients like rice, nori and vegetables to create cute pandas, trains, airplanes, and cute animals.

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