Last year I reported* how GUNDAM attacked the beach of Odaiba Tokyo and stayed all summer before he was “retired” (as shown the Gundam upskirt photo on the right) This early retirement seemed such a waste of a robot warrior in his prime.

So in a raygun blast of mecha marketing genius the famed, full-scale, RX-78-2 Gundam is now getting another big erection in Shizuoka a couple of hours south of Tokyo to help boost otaku tourism there.

Huge Erection Inspires Public Awe
Sankaku Complex | Author: Leon | June 3, 2010
gundam returns shizuoka statue
Many more photos of the big erection...

More Gundam news from the Japan Times, Friday June 4th: Gundam coming to life in Shizuoka

dawn-gundam 350

*Previous 3Yen reports on this Gundam at his previous lair in Odaiba Tokyo include:
. . . Otaku burns down family home over Gundam models
. . . Gundam Grudge
. . . Tokyo GUNDAM is now handicapped
. . . Gundam Girls!
And of course as shown below
. . . Gundam’s gun
gundam big gun..

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One thought on “GUNDAM RETURNS!”

  1. Gundam coming to life in Shizoka
    Gundam coming to life in Shizuoka
    The Japan Times Friday, June 4, 2010
    SHIZUOKA (Kyodo)–
    Construction work on a “life-size” statue of the Gundam fictitious giant combat robot was opened to the press Wednesday in Shizuoka ahead of a public showing following last year's similar event in a Tokyo waterfront district. This time the 18-meter-tall robot will stand near JR Higashishizuoka Station holding a Beam Saber, a signature weapon of Gundam
    Gundam coming to life in Shizuoka

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