Japan’s Golden Crap

According to the Kyodo News ( June 3, 2010 ), this gold-plated toilet made by Inax Corp. is representing Japan at the World Expo in Shanghai in the Japan Industry Pavilion. Called the “Regio toilet,” Inax says it would cost a few million yen ($20 to 40K USD) if you want to buy one, which is quite the deal since it kills bacteria, cleans and flushes, all automatically as well as playing music through its built-in digital sound system (Japan Today).

gold crapper

golden japanese ice cream

And somehow fitting in with the gold crapper, is Japan’s solid gold softo creamsofto cream  japanese for soft serve ice cream. Valued at 300,000 Japanese yen (about $3,233 USD), these solid-gold cones of soft-serve ice cream were given away to three winners of the MiniStop convenience store’s contest on May 30.

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2 thoughts on “Japan’s Golden Crap”

  1. This gilded crapper that automatically kills bacteria, cleans and flushes, as well as playing music truly represents Japan—Looks like gold is the new favored flavor in Japan.

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