Never-ending story: I Sit-n-Pee — It’s Japanese!

UPDATE June 10th

Sitting or taking a stand: Japanese men ponder pride in urination etiquette
The Tokyo Reporter | June 10, 2010
a printing company in Tokyo, recently noticed a posting, written in red, on the office wall: “Gentlemen, please sit on the toilet even when you are going to urinate. Women are fed up with the situation…
….According to Shukan Post (June 18), this conflict represents a shift in bathroom protocol, one in which men are converting to “sitting style.” A survey of 500 males by bathroom equipment maker Toto indicates that 33.4% of males sit … reason for the change, reports Toto, is an interest in not “inconveniencing other family members,” particularly women…more…

imagesHere’s moar/more about a burning social question here in Japan:

Should Japanese guys sit ‘n’ pee?


….apparently at [Japanese] schools, entering a cubicle will often get you seriously teased (if television programs are to be believed), causing problems with constipation in schoolkids, and perhaps both the teasing and the constipation continue to be problems in later life?….

via Do men stand, sit or squat in Japanese public toilets? 2010/05/21 | what japan thinks kanji logo What Japan Thinks.

The previous 3Yen report of Sept. 27, 2009…
I Sit-n-Pee — It’s Japanese!
do not stand and pee

33% of men sit to pee: Toto poll
Japan Times Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009
About one in three Japanese men tend to sit on the toilet when urinating at home, according to results of a survey by toilet maker Toto Ltd. The Internet survey conducted in May, covering 500 men in their 20s to 60s whose homes have Western-style toilets, found 33.4 percent said they prefer to sit, citing “ease of posture” and “to make cleaning easier” as the main reasons.more

The key point here is that number of Sit-n-Pee males in Japan was 9.7 percent higher than in Toto’s last survey in 2004.

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8 thoughts on “Never-ending story: I Sit-n-Pee — It’s Japanese!”

  1. This was an amusing piece. Thanks for sharing the oh-so-intellectual toilet jokes with us.

  2. Guess what, I clean my bathroom of my house with the faces of Japanese people!
    I do this in order to save money.
    So far, I used many Japanesefaces to clean bathroom from my house.
    All Japanese! Thank you, thank you, for being really cheap slaves!

  3. Maybe you could change the title:
    Never-ending story: I Sit-n-Pee — It’s Japanese! to something more suitable for your audience. I loved the writing yet.

  4. Something more appropriate? From the little I know of Japan the only way this could be more appropriate is if it added a random “Happy Merry Fucking” somewhere along the lines.

    Generally I don’t think appropriate and Japan have actually ever met…..

  5. Your choice in footwear makes a significant difference in how well you can squat-n-pee, tee, hee.

    Miyuki-Komatsu Miyuki Komatsu, Oiran/Courtesan

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