Butt-ugly babe bot from Japan

butt ugly baby-bot japanese robot
AP/daylife.com June 15, 2010…University of Tokyo post-graduate student Kosuke Nakamura holds baby robot “Noby”….Equipped with two cameras on eyes to see, two microphones on ears to hear and 600 tactile sensors on its body to feel, the 71-cm (2 feet, 4 inches) tall Noby (short for nine-month-old baby) has been developed ….to help people understand human nature and development bettermore

Well, I won’t waiting for the wags to write that the babe bot is not on the RIGHT of the photo.
The NOBY robot is used to collect psychological data on how people interact with “infants” as shown in the video below taken at the Tokyo University artificial intelligence lab two days ago.

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4 thoughts on “Butt-ugly babe bot from Japan”

  1. Interesting post–Pretty much covered it all for me, in terms of butt-babes— Thanks.

  2. Why is it ok to show a baby boy’s ding-a-ling in baby pix. When ever a vagina shows up in a baby picture, you can’t show your friends because it is wrong. What is the big difference?

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