Mo’ bot–Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate

Mo’ bot–Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate–is Hitachi’s so-called new EMIEW2 robot. I kid about it being “new” because the 3Yen has been reporting about the EMIEW since 2005.


AFPGetty Images –
June 18, 2010 ….
Hitachi’s humanoid robot “EMIEW2″, 80cm tall and weighing 14kg, which can move over uneven ground and small gaps on its wheeled legs at the company’s laboratory in Tokyo…The robot is also equipped with 14 microphones on its helmet which can pick out human voices from background noise. AFPGetty Images)

EMIEW 2’s basic premise is very clever with three different ways of locomotion using legs that convert from stable four-wheel stance for lifting, a moving on two wheels for agility and walking on two feet that can step over and clear obstacles in its path.

Hitachi's prototype-bot circa 2005
Actually, I reported several times in the 3Yen about the prototype of this bot—The poor EMIEW 1 lost its job as a Bellboy Bot at a Tokyo Disney hotel. Also, the sad little EMIEW 1 gave up it nurse’s aid career that the 3Yen covered in 2005: Emiew, the robot that will help you walk. And before that, Emiew lost its job as a guide at the Aichi Expo ’05 —as I reported in, Hitachi’s Most ‘Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence’? (shown below)


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  1. Just cause you got that robomonkey off your back doesn’t mean the supercircus has left town.

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