Japanese ‘zentai’ sleeping — loneliness gives a feeling of pressure

taitsu all-over sleeping bag

Zentai (all-over) sleeping bag-type (light skin)
via the Bees Weekly –Teinou Woman

Following the links to the original blog, found a further Japanese “explanation” of the inexplicable, which is crudely machine-translated below.
freak-ad zentai bag

via coffeewriter.com
Zentai type of sleeping bag (body suit)
80cm zipper, and has to be opened from the inside. The fabric is as fine mesh stockings.
And oh the elastic resilience—It’s loneliness gives a feeling of pressure.
With fabric that is bright and thin, you can be an attractive display packaging. As well as one’s own use, share the joy with your partner please.

Walking-enabled Sleeping Bag
As covered on the 3Yen before, Japan sells some novel sleeping solutions such as:

Perfect-for-sleepwalking-and-bear-escape (3Yen July/25/2005)

The Snuggie — a sleeping bag you can wear (fashion.3Yen 2009-Dec-31)


And as shown below, the real King Tut mummy, mummy-bag (3Yen 2010-Jan-20) from Japan is back according to Rinkya.com .

The Rinkya Stores are offering infamous King Tut Sleeping bag for only 5,943 yen each.

Suggested uses of the King Tut Mummy Bag — a point-of-sales poster in a Japanese store.
mummy bag uses tokyo times phone

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