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PSYOP warrors whimp out with estrogen-laden MISO

bowl-of-horror  miso
Pseudoestrogen-laden miso soup (R) of Japan is one hazards for men over age 35 living here (citation).

Now the poor guys in the US Department of Defense’s “PSYOP” (Psychological Operations) are being forced into virtual chemical castration by renaming of their unit to “MISO” –Military Information Support and/to Operations. quotes one of the many unhappy members of the newly-whimped “MISO” unit saying, “Some of us joined Psychological Operations because it sounded awesome for its name alone.”

biohazard miso soup and japanese soy poison

MISO: Is it soup yet?
PSYOP Regimental Blog: June 23, 2010 … The Secretary of Defense has approved the recommendation to change PSYOP to Military Information Support and/to Operations MISO. The Army Chief of Staff, General George W. Casey, Jr. has directed his staff to develop and orchestrate a plan designed to replace “PSYOP” with MISO in the Army and presumably DOD lexicon and branches….more….

*Note: Men engaged in heavy labor or intensive exercise can thrive eating soy-based foods like miso. However, white-collar men living modern sedentary lifestyles who are over the age of 35 years will find the soy-heavy Japanese diet will grow the proverbial tits-on-a-boar.

Refer to the dangers of soy (google links) such as:
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. . . . Finally, a use for Japanese ‘miso’ (

miso sucks bigtime
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bowl-of-horror  miso
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