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Samurai umbrella

New lower price!

Right now we are in the midst of the fifth of Japan’s “Four Seasons”–tsuyu, the rainy season. Here’s the perfect Japanese solution….

Japan Trend Shop…
The Samurai Umbrella replaces your boring umbrella grip with a Japanese sword handle, into a dashing, rainproof road warrior. We've even included a shoulder case for the umbrella, so you can carry it bandolier-style and free up your hands.….more

This “samurai umbrella” looks so good, it might get you arrested in Japan under super-strict ” Swords and Firearms Control Law” that recently busted and imprisoned a 70 year old American tourist for a week for having a mini Swiss Army knife shorter than his little finger in his luggage.


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7 Responses to “Samurai umbrella”

  1. DustinMcmillan Says:

    There are design saints on theEarth without doubt; and now I finally believe it!

  2. Taro Says:

    This BADASS BROLLY now costs less than half of the above price quoted by the Japan Trend Shop above.
    Refer to:

  3. FlorentinaLebario Says:

    Huh? “What did you just say?” LOL is this another foolfobism? I know I know it’s old.

  4. Taro Says:

    FlorentinaLebario wrote:
    Huh? “What did you just say?” LOL is this another fool fobism?

    Huh? What did you just say in Fobish?
    (”Fobism” comes from “Fresh Off the Boat” meaning a new immigrant.)

  5. Mr. Chicken Says:

    I like the umbrella. Wish I could buy it in my country :(

  6. Taro Says:

    ○ ○ things in the rain for…the battlefield (Japanese workplace), umbrella-type rifle emergency via wacky Goggle Translate
     A “rifle” umbrella in a unique in the shape offer by the Thanko Akihabara shop==Price is 1,680 yen.
    The umbrella mimics the M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle of America…the handle has a looks that wood gunstock, the tip like a gun sight, and theswitch to open the umbrella is the “trigger” more...
    gun umbrella for rainy season

  7. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Gothic Umbrella Poizen Industries Goth Steampunk Emo Punk Gun Umbrella

    via eBay

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