Tokyo girl obsession

“Tokyo Girl Archive” on the has one hell of an obsession with collecting Japanese* images. Enjoy…

Tokyo Girl image archive
*Note: This collection of images has many retro Red Chinese illustrations, so calling them “Japanese” is sort a misnomer. But hey, they’re all still kool (although some are semi-NSFW).

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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

8 thoughts on “Tokyo girl obsession”

  1. Coligny wrote:
    I just love this kind of bottomless galleries…
    The lower you go, the faster your browser will crash…

    Don’t feel bad. In my living room, I surf on an iBook circa 2001, aka “Barbie’s Toiletseat*“, with a massive 320MBytes of RAM.

    The assumption of websites with bottomless galleries is you don’t belong on the Internet unless you have 4GBtyes or more of RAM.

    ibook99.jpg (492×278)

  2. Coligny wrote:
    Still can’t decide if they were awesome or lame…

    They are the most DURABLE* laptop Apple ever made (the shape created a crash proof ring of plastic around the edge of the iBook clamshell).

    *Most Apple stuff is now very fragile. I’ve got two dead PowerBook Pros with less than a year’s worth of use on either of the them, and 4 dead iPods, meh.

    With the WiFi, “Barbie’s Toiletseat“ still is very usable for me—everyday I leave it in the sleep mode (only a 3 watt current draw) next to my 47-inch TV to look things up and play MP3s through the SurroundSound speakers of the bigscreen.

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