Return of the Japanese Pope hats

japanese pope hats_animated

Remember the 3Yen report last week on Japan’s Pope-hats at World Cup?
dr-nutso thumbnail
Now, the 3Yen’s crack reporter, Den4 writes of JapanToday’s Picture-of-the-Day….

What’s up with Dr Kamehameha? As usual, Japantoday site gives no information on who or what this Dr. NakaMats is or why he’s wearing that Kamehameha hat….Perhaps he’s jealous because he doesn’t have one of those World Cup PopeHats?
Embiggen to crazy full-size, 607 x 420 px.

Of course, you folks all know about Japan’s worst patent troll, lovable fraud and general batshit crazy, Dr. NakaMats, from the previous 3Yen reports including:
. . . .Dr. NakaMats of Japan wins a igNobel Prize!
. . . .Dr. NakaMats’ silly claim of ‘inventing’ the floppy disk

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